I got a PS4. It is  so  awesome! I got star wars  battlefront, black ops 3, uncharted collection, and other col stuff! comment down below what your gamertag on ps4.


I played minecraft for about three hours straight. It was awesome, I was doing great. Then i had to go to school. I wasnt prepared, so i forgot to save.

Cod ghosts doesn’t stink

Charlie via CompfightA lot of people say Call of Duty Ghosts stinks. That is not true in any way. I got the game, and it is true, the campaign may

awesome video games

Video games are awesome. Period. But here are some of the most awesome video games. Call of duty mw1, destiny, halo 5, call of duty advanced warfare, planetside 2, uncharted

October blog challenge: food in my country.

So my class is writing entries for the october student blog challenge. so this is going to be about food in my country. so I live in the us, so

Art supplies.

Today I got some new art supplies for drawing. I got bleedproof pens, fine pens, and red pens. I hope to maybe post some pictures of my art. also I


I like to doodle. Not draw, doodle. Doodling is drawing things in your mind. When you draw, you have an intention on what to draw. You do not when you

A laptop?

Ok, so basically, as you know, Christmas is coming up soon! I plan on getting a laptop, more specifically, the HP stream 13. I have been looking at it for

Two blogs?

Alright, So I’m in English, and apparently we will have our own English blog too. By the way, welcome to my first post. Anyway, so I don’t know what its

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